Testing Details

Oregon CDL Skills test: Part of the process in acquiring an Oregon CDL is the required skills test. Information regarding the skills test can be found in the back sections of the Oregon CDL manual. As a 3rd party tester we are certified by the Oregon DMV to perform the test but are not affiliated with the DMV agency itself. After a successful completion of the skills test the applicant will receive instruction to wait up to 24 hours before going to the DMV to complete the process and obtain their CDL. Obtaining the CDL at the DMV must be done within 6 months after successfully completing the skills test. In some cases the the test scores can be put in via computer the same day, so ask your examiner when to expect the DMV will be ready for you to show up. In addition to paying Transport Wisdom for your skills test the DMV will have additional charges to finalize getting your CDL. The fees can be seen here: https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/Pages/Fees/CDL.aspx


We offer consulting to businesses to help them set up self-certification registration for ELDT, and also to assess the level of training your applicants might be receiving. We can also recommend an impartial training company to bring your team up to your desired level of competency.


This course takes your present, or future, trainer through the CDL testing process to perform an evaluation of their present skills. During the evaluation process an action plan is developed to bring your trainer up to the level necessary to improve your driver team’s skills and safety. Either Transport Wisdom can provide this training or we can recommend an impartial training company to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Many insurance companies and government agencies are requiring proof of training/re-training on an annual basis or when conducting accident investigations. We offer annual driver evaluations that can help bring the skill level of your team up to those necessary levels.

We have recently discontinued renting equipment for testing. Applicants must secure reliable equipment prior to scheduling their test. Test fees are not refundable for equipment breakdowns.